About CDC

CDC has been in the real estate business since 1981. The team at CDC Real Estate has more than a half a century of experience in commercial industrial and economic development related real estate activity.

CDC Continues to be the only real estate firm in the North County that specializes exclusively in commercial real estate. We Don’t Sell Homes! Our client list includes almost every commercial property in Clinton County as well as tenants and companies all over North America.

CDC is particularly well versed in working with Canadian companies considering a U.S. expansion. CDC has a strong reputation of regularly identifying and attracting Canadian investors and tenants to Clinton County.

CDC’s clients include hundreds of Canadian and European companies which have worked with us for site selection decisions, financial assistance, U.S. start-up assistance, market research, leasing, buying, and selling real estate, direct mail campaigns, on line marketing initiatives, management consulting, and property management.

CDC’s team is ready to assist you with your commercial/industrial real estate needs! Please see what services we offer to buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords. (Link to Services)