Laurentian Aerospace

The impact of Laurentian Aerospace on our local real estate market cannot be
underestimated. Their plans, if successful, will change the economic landscape of the
North Country.

If employment by Laurentian Aerospace rises to 900, as predicted, much if not most
of the local residential real estate inventory will be eliminated. You will see a rise in
rents and a turn-around in the number of homes sold in Clinton County. (Home sales
have declined in the past two years.) This is true because we do not have FAA Certified
mechanics and technicians in our area. It means we will have to “import” them, and they
will need a place to live.

There will also be an impact on office and retail space. Although Laurentian Aerospace
will bring with it very few suppliers who need warehouse space, it is assumed that their
vendors and suppliers will need office space. There is also the increase in retail activity
which happens when hundreds of new people move to the area.. This, we presume, will
lead to an even more active retail real estate market. (The Canadian dollar, now at par,
has made investments in local Retail Space most profitable.)

Overall, Laurentian Aerospace is expected to have a very positive impact on our area.
It remains to be seen as to when these impacts will become obvious as the company is
planning an 18 month (at least) construction and hiring period.

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