For Our Canadian Friends

CDC’s team members have often been referred to as our region’s “Captain of the Canadian Connection.” This is due to our 30 plus years of specializing in assisting Canadian companies with their U.S. expansion plans. Having worked with hundreds of Canadian companies such as Novabus, Bombardier, Bath Fitter, and many more. We are able to direct you to the appropriate professionals to make your venture into the U.S. that must more successful. CDC and a team of border proximate professionals have had the fortune of working with so many Canadian companies expanding into the U.S. that we have learned from the mistakes they may have made. So let us, our region’s North Country Chamber of Commerce, and a team of specialists help you avoid the costly mistakes.

A few special areas of interest are:

Financial Assistance:
When foreign companies expand into the U.S. market, they are often eligible for subsidies and low interest loans. CDC’s familiarity with the public sector and lending institutions has enabled many of their Canadian clients to obtain financial support from banks, economic development agencies, and state agencies. CDC’s extensive network of specialists means that you will have access to a host of Federal, State, and local programs which offer low interest loans, payroll subsidies, and outright grants. If you would like assistance in securing your U.S. startup financing or a complimentary consultation, call CDC’s toll-free number, 1-800-545-8125 to see how we can help you.

Market Research:
Knowledge of the market is fundamental to the success of any business expansion. CDC can direct you towards the information you may need, such as:

  • Demographics
  • Trade shows
  • Professional and trade associations for networking
  • Sources of customer lists
  • Identification of competitors and more.

The decision to sell your product in the U.S. marketplace is not to be taken lightly. The road to the world’s largest consumer market (the U.S.) is unfortunately littered with corporate casualties companies whose owners thought they were export-ready, but in fact had done little of the planning which is necessary for a successful export program.

It is important to recognize not only the necessity for planning in order to have a successful export-program, but also the likelihood that outside (American-based) assistance may be required. Who better, than American sales and marketing professionals to advise you on the day-to-day issues in the U.S. marketplace? And who would be better qualified to link-up your company with the decision-makers in your particular industry. It is an irony that the very characteristics which have made so many CEO’s so very successful in familiar markets at home (independent thinking, aggressive marketing, and the ability to calculate risks) have at times blinded them to the need for a measured, American-assisted, approach to U.S. exports. If you would like to be totally prepared for your entry into the U.S. marketplace, complete the form below and receive a complimentary consultation from CDC’s Cross-border Trade experts. All our fees are quoted in advance. For more information on financing your Startup, contact CDC Real Estate at 1-800-545-8125.

Canadian Friends