Real Estate Brokerage


Real Estate Brokerage

CDC Real Estate’s team has absolutely more economic development experience and knowledge of the industrial and office inventory (on and off the market) in the North Country region than any other real estate firm. We have spent decades working with, and for, owners, regional private municipalities and not-for-profit owners as well as placing hundreds of manufacturers and warehousers within our region. All of which has allowed us to have a comprehensive knowledge of the buildings, the owners, the tenants, and the entire team of economic development players. Our list of owners and tenants include players from all over the region, the county, Canada, and the world.

We can help you fill or find industrial space!


An integral part of the commercial real estate business is multi-family and commercial investment properties. Understanding them from both the buyer’s and seller’s side is crucial in our business. Our team has a great deal of experience in the financial analysis, valuation, marketing and knowledge of the regional market trends. We have been involved in the buying and selling side of investment property transactions and are able to assist you as a buyer or seller.

Buyer Broker/Tenant Representative

Real estate requires creativity for success. The CDC team has seen hundreds of unique and creative transactions. Our team would be pleased to assist you as your exclusive representative for your property search. Whether it be leasing, lease renewals, expansions, subleasing, or purchase.